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              IMPORTANT NOTICE

Armourtex is Moving !!!!  Please see below,  Although we will still continue to powder coat cycle frames, we will no longer have a bike shop or mechanics. Please make sure ALL parts are removed before bringing your frames to us. We will have no facility to do this for you.

Please read this prior to bringing your bike in !

Armourtex Cycles has no further capacity for any strip and builds, basically we are busy until we close, we can only now complete all the jobs and work already undertaken.

For any strip down or mechanical  work please take your bike to 

The Hackney peddler ;  020 3095 9789  ;

The cost will be similar and they can still bring the frame for powder coating to us at Rowe lane or the new site shown below.

+44 (0)20 3095 9789

WE now have some huge summer reductions, check out bikes and parts for sale !!!!

Armourtex Cycles; Spares, Repairs, Servicing, Custom Builds, Frame Refurbishment, BMX Specialist and New Bikes

Based in Hackney, London, Armourtex is well known for being one of the top places in the country for bicycle paint work. We have been powdercoating frames for over 18 years and now offer a full range of workshop services to accompany our ever increasing range of custom options.


Our mechanics are fully equipped to completely disassemble, rebuild and service pretty much any bike. We also custom build bikes from scratch, offer wheel builds and specialist services, including removing seized bottom brackets, seatposts and stems. We also deal with some of the country’s top frame builders so have great contacts for frame repairs.


Armourtex has become very well respected for restoration and repair work and we have put bikes back on the road dating from the late 1800s right up to bikes made last week. Our shop stocks a wide range of parts for repairing and upgrading most bikes. Customization options range from basic resprays right up to full reproduction paint work with detailing and replacement decals or completely custom colour and design schemes. We are the only bike shop in London equipped to take a bike through the entire process in house from pretty much any sorry state to brand spanking new.


Take a look at our project pages to see some examples of our work.




14-16 Rowe Lane

Hackney      SEE NOTICE !!!!


E9 6EL


Tel: 020 8986 2028

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm 

  We will no longer open on Saturday from 1st Nov 2015.

Sunday: CLOSED

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